Walter's Origin Story

Why is the chatbot named "Walter"?

When Josh started streaming agile content in 2018, a large painting of Sir Walter Raleigh was prominently displayed in the background. Josh streaming back in 2018 
With Walter's prominence in every stream, the stream regulars started referring to him as a part of the stream, and they also created a few photoshop masterpieces combining Josh's face with the Walter painting (sadly, we can't find those... 😕).

Over the years Walter remained a topic of conversation in our streams and in our Discord community. When the concept of a Meta-Cast bot, the only name that came to mind was Walter.

What can I ask Walter?

Anything. He certainly specializes in leadership and agile questions, but Walter has access to just about anything you can imagine.

What is Walter's knowledge based on?

We loaded every episode of the Meta-Cast into Walter's brain. That equates to well over 250 episodes containing 1.56M words and over 8 complete days of Bob and Josh talking.

Walter is backed by Chat-GPT to help fill in any gaps in knowledge. We know Bob and Josh talk A LOT, but they haven't covered EVERYTHING just yet!

How do I know which episode the answers come from?

At the bottom of each answer, you will see up to 5 referenced episodes. We don't have that reference linked direction to the podcast episode, but you an use the episode number and title to find the episodes that match your answer pretty easily.