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Walter, Your Personal Assistant

Walter, Your Personal Assistant

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Are you ready to have Bob and Josh in your pocket, on-call 24/7? With our Personal Assistant subscription, you can have just that! Say goodbye to those moments of silence and hello to engaging conversations sparked by the wisdom of your favorite podcast hosts.

Our assistant is powered by the latest in AI technology and has been trained on all previous Meta-Cast episodes. This means you get to engage with the collective knowledge of Bob and Josh anytime, anywhere. Feel like you've hit a wall with a tech problem? Ask the assistant . Need a dose of agile during your coffee break? Our assistant is at your service.

And the best part? It's like every day is a new Meta-Cast episode. The assistant learns and grows with each interaction, making it a living, evolving representation of the Meta-Cast spirit.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to turn your agile and leadership skills up to 11 and join the Meta-Cast family in a whole new way. Subscribe now and let's get chatting!

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